Land Owners & Developers

What We Can Do For You


Things We Can Do For You

At Tridants Homes, we achieve sustainable growth through collaboration. We welcome conversations with land owners & developers who would like to be on board and embark on our exciting journey.


• We are rapidly growing and constantly looking for good development opportunities.
• We like to hear from sourcing agents with off-market opportunities.
• We focus mainly on the South East and Greater London.
• We can offer fast transaction with funding readily available.
Please get in touch if you have any interesting proposals for discussion.

Joint Venture Partnership

• With our transparent approach, we have built some exceptional partnerships and continue to do so.
• We have an established team of experts in the industry to unlock the development potentials of your site and optimise returns for all stakeholders.
• We partner with owner to achieve positive planning outcomes that enhance value of property and land.
• We offer JV partnership to develop out schemes.